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Exploration to satisfy innate curiosity: Children are encouraged to learn through physical exploration of their environment, repeating activities until achieving mastery. Teachers tailor the available activities according to the observed developmental needs of each child, with the result that each child remains focused and engaged in individual and group activities of high interest.


Academic excellence: A prepared and rigorous Montessori academic environment allows children to be challenged at their own developmental level and experience the freedom to progress at their individual pace.



Critical thinking for meeting shared community goals and collaborative problem-solving: The uncompromising respect for self, others, and the environment emphasized in the Montessori Method fosters lifelong commitment to society.



Building personal competence: Reinforcing learning through an emphasis on inner discipline and encouragement to self-identify errors from the instructional materials promotes the development of confident, well-adjusted people ready to take their places as capable, informed leaders and meaningful contributors in an adult world.

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