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Our Montessori Environment 

The Classroom

Students are given ownership and responsibility in their environment. They learn to be accountable to their class community by respecting the space and those within it.

Our classrooms are

  •  thoughtfully designed with the needs of the students as the guiding principle. The materials are organized by subject and difficulty to encourage self-directed learning.

  • equipped with a variety of reading materials  at varying levels to meet the needs and interests of our students. 

  • a living world with plants and animals that offer students opportunities to connect to and care for living things.

  • maintained by the students who are expected to care for their classroom environment through rotating jobs.

  • assessible to a beautiful landscape, which serves as an outdoor classroom, a place to take breaks, and an outdoor lunch area. The natural playscape adorns this area and provides opportunities for recess, organized sports, and gardening.

  •  Montessori classrooms, students are free to move around the room and work at tables or on the floor. The classroom is designed to their size and for their success, allowing them to access all of the works and feel physically and emotionally comfortable while at school. 

Daily Schedule

7:30am-8:30am – Before Care

8:30am-8:45am – Arrival and settling in 

8:45am-9:00am – Morning meeting, which begins with a whole-class mindfulness meditation to prepare the mind and body to learn

9:00am-12:00pm – 3 hour work-cycle, during which students receive individual and/or group lessons, in addition to self-directed learning

12:00pm-2:00pm – Community lunch and recess

2:00pm-3:30pm – The afternoon is for enrichment activities such as Capoeira, French, Yoga, music, art, and read-aloud time

3:30pm-6:00pm – After Care

“Left to themselves, the children work ceaselessly; they do not worry about the clock … after long and continuous activity the children’s capacity for work does not appear to diminish, but to improve.”

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

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