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Our Story

Woodmeadows Montessori was established when Dr. Kendra Williamson-Henriques sought to find an individualized and hands on learning space for her school-aged son. Many of the options were geographically and financially out of reach. Therefore, she combined her experience as an educator, belief that all children deserve a learning space that honors their ability, and created a school that follows the child.

Our Mission

Woodmeadows Montessori community, consisting of faculty, students, and parents, make it our goal to provide quality, child-centered and individual education for children ages 3 through 9 years. This work calls our attention to develop the whole child by providing a comprehensive education that cultivates curiosity, independent thought, social and emotional intelligence, inner discipline, and self-awareness all within a framework that supports life-long learning. 

Our Vision 

Woodmeadows Montessori will offer a uniquely prepared, individualized educational environment that promotes the development of students who are self-disciplined, cooperative, responsible, and creative thinkers. The School adheres to the point of view that self-efficacy is the foundation for perpetual mindset development and growth. The core curriculum  will be a Montessori program that consists of language, mathematics, science, geography, history, and culture activities.

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