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June 10-14

June 17-21

June 24-28

July 1-5

July 8-July 12

July 15-19

July 22-26

July 29-August 2

August 5-9

* 19th Juneteenth holiday

* 4th of July holiday 

Summer Camp

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Imagine the possibilities with WMM's Summer Camps!

Summer Camp at WMM offers non-stop opportunities for creativity, discovery, active play, social interaction and fun!


Children ages 3-8 participate in weekly themes that are thoughtfully prepared with materials and hands-on activities to engage all of their senses while promoting creativity, movement, cooperation and collaboration. 


Montessori elements of independence, choice and responsibility carry over into the Summer Camp environment as we continue to inspire children to be their best possible selves. Families provide the lunch and snacks for children.

Monday-Friday 9am-4:00pm

$180 per week

Bird Watching 

We will kindle students' curiosity and wonder about birds in nature by exploring what type of homes and outdoor places can be a safe space for birds to sleep, and provide shelter for their babies.  We will make bird feeders and bird treats all while learning the different varieties of birds that live in our state and continent 

Space Week

BLAST OFF and let us embark on a journey that is out of this world. Get your space helmets ready because we will be beginning our space adventure to explore the different planets of our solar system. Get ready to learn about the rings of Saturn and the dense atmosphere of Jupiter. We will also be learning more about beyond our solar system and what the universe holds. 

Arts & Crafts Week

Put your thinking caps on,
because this week is a week
full of combining imagination with creation. This week we will be learning all about different do it yourself crafts and how to do them at home with your family.  This week will teach us how to take our imaginations and bring them to life with normal everyday items we may find around the house. Prepare for a fun filled week of working with your hands as we get ready to embark on an artistic journey. 

Life at Sea

We have the opportunity to explore oceans and ocean life. After locating the earth's major oceans on a world map, students will "dive underwater" to discover the plants and animals that live in the sea. Students will listen to stories and poems with oceanic settings and learn about the forms of sea life 

Science Week 

Get your lab coats and goggles ready, this week is all about science. This week we will be exploring with different (but safe) experiments that will help us explore the wide world of science. We will be working with projects that will spark your interest in all the different wonders of what we all know as science. 

Sports Week

This week we will be looking at the sports that we all know and love. We will be digging into our inner talents to see just how much we can accomplish in our beloved sports. Let’s get moving and have a fun experience. 

Cooking Adventures

This week we will be tuning into our cooking side and learning about different dishes that are guaranteed to have your mouth watering. We will be working on recipes that will leave your taste buds happy and wanting more. Have your aprons handy ready to get cooking.

Water Week

In our final week, we will be having fun with water (safely of course). We will have the most fun while enjoying all the pleasures that water has to offer. While it will not be just fun and games, we will also learn the importance of water and why it is especially important to us and our bodies. 

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